Removable Partial Dentures

Patients, who have only partial dental loss and cannot have a fixed partial bridge, can have a removable partial denture made. Removable partial dentures replace lost teeth and can aid in chewing or improving a person’s smile. Removable partial dentures can be removed at will and snap into place when a person wishes to wear them.

There are four main types of removable partial dentures. Where teeth are lost will determine which removable partial dentures are proper.

Class I are for people who experience most or all of the posterior teeth missing on both sides of the mouth with the front teeth remaining. Class I removable partial dentures fit over the front teeth replacing the missing ones at the back of the mouth.

Class II removable partial dentures are for people who experience partial or total loss of rear teeth on one side of the mouth. Here the denture will fit on the front teeth and the remaining rear teeth replacing the one’s lost.

Class III removable partial dentures are designed to be worn where there are teeth with missing teeth around them both front and back. While other removable partial dentures fit around the teeth and rest on the gums, removable partial dentures III’s fit strictly on the teeth. This gives them much greater stability than the others.

If both central incisors are missing a class IV removable partial dentures are required. In this case, teeth are missing from one area of the mouth.

Complete dentures are plates which are fitted to the shape of your upper and lower jaws and gums. A complete denture will fit snugly onto the contours of your jaws and gums and bind to them by forming suction. Removable partial dentures are made of metal or plastic material that snaps into place by fitting around the nearby teeth. Removable partial dentures fit more snugly and firmly than complete dentures do.

The construction and shape of removable partial dentures depend entirely on the shape of your mouth, the teeth being replaced and the remaining teeth. The new teeth are fitted on a base which is colored to look like your natural gum. This is connected to a U-shaped bar which will wrap around the inside of your remaining teeth. At the end are odd shapes and spiky protrusions. These are wrapped over and around remaining teeth allowing the denture to snap into place giving it a firm anchor which will prevent unnecessary movement.

It may take a few weeks for you to get used to your new dentures. Your Dream Dental doctor will give you instructions on when to wear them. You may notice some pain which should subside before too long. If pain continues, call your dentist as you may need minor adjustments or a refitting. When not wearing dentures, be sure to keep them clean. Unclean dentures can develop bacteria where the denture is in contact with the gum. This bacteria can lead gingivitis and can be quite painful.

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