Denture Troubles? Dentures Nashville, Goodlettsville and HendersonvilleIf so, you’re not alone. Most denture wearers have problems with their dentures. Wearing dentures is like trying to walk with crutches. It can be done, but not without some difficulty for most people. Most people do okay with their upper dentures, but suffer greatly with their lower dentures. Lower dentures do not stay in place for several reasons. Mostly due to the tongue and the floor of the mouth pushing on the denture every time you eat, talk, drink or swallow. Dr. Weaver’s Dentures Nashville guide will review and explain the dental and medical consequences associated with wearing dentures.

You should know that worn out or uncomfortable dentures can cause severe health problems and shorten your life expectancy by as much as ten years! When you cannot chew your food properly, you cannot digest it properly, or even eat the types of food you need to stay healthy. With modern technology, dentures can be comfortable and look natural and lifelike.

You need the best fitting, best looking, most retentive denture available for both your self esteem and overall health. This guide book will help you through the confusing process of what to expect from your dentist, yourself and your dentures and it is available at no cost or obligation to you.

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• Dentures What Are They
• Problems With Complete Dentures
• Removable Partial Dentures
• Cosmetic Dentures
• Loose Dentures
• Implant retained dentures


Dentures Nashville – what are they?

Let’s start with tooth decay.

Tooth decay can result from a number of factors. People can lose teeth due to an injury. Smokeless tobacco is high in sugar. People who chew are more prone to tooth decay than those who don’t. Drug users are at much higher risk for losing teeth due their addiction. One of the unmistakable signs of long-term crack cocaine use is a dramatic loss of teeth. Some people carry a genetic defect known as Dentinogenesis imperfecta which makes them more prone to developing cavities. The most common way for people to develop to develop tooth decay is bacterial infection. Accumulated food debris will cause bacteria to ferment, producing an acid that eats away at the enamel, dentin and cementum, causing cavities. Left untreated or poorly treated, the acid will eat its way through the tooth, effectively killing it and causing it to either fall out our require removal. Most people will develop a cavity at some point in their life. Some will experience partial tooth loss while others will lose all of their teeth. Dentures Nashville replace lost teeth.

When to consider dentures?

Lost teeth can be a minor inconvenience or a major problem. By far and away, the most important reason for replacing lost teeth with Dream Dental dentures Nashville is to restore your ability to chew food. Proper digestion requires your food first be chewed and delivered to the stomach with a healthy amount of saliva. Chewing breaks down the food and saliva begins the digestion process. Running food through a blender is a short-term option but does not deliver enough saliva to fully aid in the digestion process.

Appearance is another reason for full or partial dentures. A row of front teeth knocked out while playing hockey, for example, will cause a wide gap. You can be fitted for a set of Dream Dental Goodlettsville dentures that will restore your smile to normal, if not improve it.

For many hockey players, a gap of missing front teeth is a badge of honor. For most it is an embarrassment. Some people are embarrassed by their teeth to the point where they avoid social situations lest they be seen. If you are embarrassed by your missing teeth, Dream Dental Hendersonville dentures can restore your smile.

Correct pronunciation depends on a number of factors working together. Important among these are your teeth. One of the more common problems experienced by people with tooth loss is a noticeable lisp. Your tongue rests on your teeth allowing you to make an sssss sound. People experiencing tooth loss will often pronounce s’s as thhhhhh. Dream Dental dentures Nashville allow you to enunciate properly.

What types of Dentures are there (see google images?

There are two main types of dentures, complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are for people who have lost all their teeth. A mold is made of your upper and lower jaw and gum line. From this a complete set of teeth are fitted. Each mold will fit naturally in your mouth and will give you a full set of teeth, allowing you to live a normal life and enjoy all the activities you did before you lost your teeth.

Partial dentures are for people experiencing partial tooth loss and come in two varieties. Removable partial dentures are fitted into an arch that conforms to your mouth and jaw, and can be taken out at will. Fixed partial dentures are permanent. Here the teeth are incorporated into a crown that is fit onto your surrounding teeth. Fixed partial dentures have the advantage of remaining in place and not falling off, though they are more expensive than partial dentures.

Problems with Complete Dentures

Patients new to complete dentures will experience some problems. When first worn, your brain will think you have food in your mouth. For the first 12-24 hours you will experience excessive salivation. This condition is temporary and will only be a minor nuisance for a day at the most.

A few patients may experience gagging. This too can be a natural reaction as your brain adapts to something new in your mouth. Gagging can also be caused by loose fitting dentures. If your dentures are loose fitting and move around, see your dentist and have your dentures readjusted or, in rare cases, refitted. If loose fitting dentures are not the cause of gagging, you are most likely having a psychological reaction. As you grow used to your Dream Dental complete dentures Nashville, this should go away. If not, you may need to have implant supported palateless dentures put in. If this is not an option, you may find some form of therapy, either psychological or hypnotherapy, to be effective.

Once you have worn your Dream Dental complete dentures Hendersonville for a while, you will most likely experience soreness. Most often soreness is felt on the lower plate. In time this soreness will go away. If not, you may be experiencing unnecessary pressure on the soft tissue of your gums. This problem is not at all uncommon and can be remedied by a simple readjustment of the dental plates.

Like regular teeth, dentures are susceptible to disease. It is important you keep your dentures and mouth clean. Failure to do so may result in the buildup of plaque between your dentures and gums. Plaque can cause gingivitis, which causes swelling of the gums, and can be quite painful. Again, regular cleaning will avoid these problems.

Another common problem is a loss of taste. For some, this is only a minor problem; for others, it is, unfortunately, not treatable.
Long term wearers of dentures will often experience a shifting and loosening of dentures.

Dentures Nashville should remain in firm contact with the gum and recesses where the bone used to be. The better the fit the more stable they should be. The wider and broader the plate, the better the fit should be. Loose dentures may be a sign you need a refitting.

Problems with vertical stability are due to shifting. Ideally the gums, mucosa and vestibules should fit perfectly with the denture. If not, there will be excessive up and down movement. The broader and wider the flanges are (the part of the dentures that comes in contact with the vestibule), the better the fit will be.

Dream Dental complete dentures Goodlettsville, when fitted properly, will have a total border seal. Failure to do will result in retention problems. Like a suction cup, dentures should have a vacuum seal. This seal should extend all around and should adhere to the anterior, lateral and posterior palatal edges. The better dentures mirror the interior of the mouth and mucosa, the less friction, erosion and pain will result. Ideally a dental plate should cover the entire hard palate and not extend beyond the soft palate, ending 1-2mm from the vibrating line.

Sometimes shifting of dental plates cannot be avoided. There are treatments, however. Retentive devices can be fitted which greatly increase tension when they are snapped into a modified denture base. Other options include ball attachments and Harder bar.

Properly fitted Dream Dental complete dentures Nashville should be comfortable soon after you start wearing them. Adjustments are unavoidable. It is likely you will need 1-2 visits to work out any spots that are causing discomfort.

Dream Dental complete dentures Goodlettsville are both removable and implanted. Often the upper denture is removable and the lower implanted with 2-4 posts. Keep in mind that dentures provide 10% of the chewing power regular teeth do. Upper dentures are firm and hold in place well. Lower dentures, however, can be somewhat problematic if you have no teeth. If you are considering a total removal of your teeth, talk to your dentist first. A single tooth left on your lower jaw can considerably improve the anchoring ability of a denture plate. It is highly advisable to leave as many teeth in your lower jaw as possible.

Removable Partial Dentures

Patients, who have only partial dental loss and cannot have a fixed partial bridge, can have a Removable Partial Denture or RPD made. RPD’s replace lost teeth and can aid in chewing or improving a person’s smile. RPD’s can be removed at will and snap into place when a person wishes to wear them.

There are four main types of RPD’s. Where teeth are lost will determine which RPB is proper.

Class I are for people who experience most or all of the posterior teeth missing on both sides of the mouth with the front teeth remaining. Class I RPD’s fit over the front teeth replacing the missing ones at the back of the mouth.

Class II RPD’s are for people who experience partial or total loss of rear teeth on one side of the mouth. Here the denture will fit on the front teeth and the remaining rear teeth replacing the one’s lost.

Class III RPD’s are designed to be worn where there are teeth with missing teeth around them both front and back. While other RPD’s fit around the teeth and rest on the gums, RPD III’s fit strictly on the teeth. This gives them much greater stability than the others.

If both central incisors are missing a class IV RPD is required. In this case, teeth are missing from one area of the mouth.

Complete dentures Nashville are plates which are fitted to the shape of your upper and lower jaws and gums. A complete denture will fit snugly onto the contours of you jaws and gums and bind to them by forming suction. Dream Dental removable partial dentures Nashville are made of metal or plastic material that snaps into place by fitting around the nearby teeth. RPD’s fit more snugly and firmly than complete dentures do.

The construction and shape of an RPD depends entirely on the shape of your mouth, the teeth being replaced and the remaining teeth. The new teeth are fitted on a base which is colored to look like your natural gum. This is connected to a U-shaped bar which will wrap around the inside of your remaining teeth. At the end are odd shapes and spikey protrusions. These are wrapped over and around remaining teeth allowing the denture to snap into place giving it a firm anchor which will prevent unnecessary movement.

It may take a few weeks for you to get used to your new dentures Nashville. Your Dream Dental doctor will give you instructions on when to wear them. You may notice some pain which should subside before too long. If pain continues, call your dentist as you may need minor adjustments or a refitting. When not wearing dentures, be sure to keep them clean. Unclean dentures can develop bacteria where the denture is in contact with the gum. This bacteria can lead gingivitis and can be quite painful.

Cosmetic Dentures

Lost teeth can lead to a host of problems. Primary among these are eating, drinking and speech. A loss of certain key teeth will make you unable to chew your food. It is important for good digestion that food be chewed properly, not only to break it down into smaller pieces but to add saliva. Chewing and saliva is the first step of digestion. Without teeth, your food will need to be pureed. While this gives you nutrients, it is not as healthy as chewing. Drinking can be a problem, especially if you are missing your front teeth. If you’ve ever had Novocain and tried to drink while your lips and gums were still numb, you know how difficult it can be to sip a glass of water and not dribble it. Your teeth are vital components of proper speaking. Your tongue uses teeth to snap consonants such as T’s, make sounds such as TH, and pronounce S’s without lisping. A loss of teeth can sometimes make it very difficult to understand a person.

A loss of teeth can alter your appearance. Depending on which teeth are lost, your face may have a sunken and saggy look. People who go for a long period without teeth find their faces prematurely aging. This is due to the fact that teeth act as supports for the muscles in your face. Without them, the muscles will sag and line prematurely.

It is not uncommon for people who have lost teeth to feel self-conscious. Some people will go so far as to avoid social situations, even contact with others, as they are too embarrassed by their appearance and speech. It does not have to be this way.

Dream Dental cosmetic dentures Nashville are replacement teeth. Whether you have a partial or total loss of teeth, you can be fitted with a denture that will replace those you lost.

If you are considering dentures Nashville, you must take a number of considerations into account. What is your state of your physical and dental health? You must be in relatively good physical health if you are going to have teeth removed. Even then it is important to evaluate the health of your remaining teeth. Many people who feel they have “bad teeth,” opt to have them all removed and replaced with a set of complete dentures Nashville. Most people regret making this decision. If it is possible to retain some teeth, especially on the lower jaw where even a single tooth will make a dramatic difference, by all means do so. Partial dentures are fitted around remaining teeth. With a remaining tooth to anchor a partial denture, a much more stable platform is created than complete dentures Nashville provide.

You must consider the state of health of your gums. Your gums must be free of diseases such as gingivitis. If you are having compete dentures, your gum line, the notches and crevasses where your teeth used to be, must be well enough to allow the denture to fit over it giving the dentures a good fit.

When getting Dream Dental dentures Goodlettsville, your dentist will check your bite. You must have dentures that mirror the way your original teeth were. How your bite formed and came together is a very important factor in the design of individual dentures Nashville. Not only does this allow you to chew properly, it keeps your facial muscles operating as if your teeth were still there. This prevents premature sagging or lines.

Types of Cosmetic Dentures

Dream Dental Hendersonville cosmetic dentures come in different varieties. Mention has been made of complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are for those who have experienced a complete loss of teeth. The teeth are bonded onto plates which fit over your mouth and gums. Partial dentures are for those who’ve experienced a partial loss of teeth. Here the dentures are fitted onto a metal or plastic bar that snaps firmly onto the surrounding, remaining, teeth and gum.

Immediate dentures are a short term solution to trauma such as oral surgery or injury and loss of teeth. If teeth are extracted during surgery or knocked out due to a violent blow, it will take a few months before the gums and jaw bone fully heal. Until they do, it is impossible to properly fit dentures for long term use. While waiting for your mouth to heal, you can be fitted with immediate dentures. Immediate dentures can be somewhat uncomfortable and will require a few adjustments as your mouth heals.

Upper dentures are like complete dentures, but are designed for those experiencing a complete loss of upper teeth. A plate will be fitted for your upper mouth, jaw and gums. This plate will suck into place much like a suction cup. For those who require more stability, gels are available to help the plate adhere better.

Over dentures are for those who have experienced a partial loss of upper teeth. Here again, a plate is fitted for the individual. The denture is not free floating like a complete denture but uses surrounding teeth as an anchor to keep them firmly in place. Over dentures Nashville are particularly useful for chewing.

Partial dentures are for partial tooth loss. Fashioned around your gums and missing teeth, partial dentures use your teeth as anchors, keeping the denture firmly in place. Partial dentures help you chew your food better. They also act as a buffer by preventing your remaining teeth to shift and move into the open spaces. When teeth are lost, good oral hygiene must be maintained as the gaps between teeth are more susceptible to gum disease. Partial dentures aids in keeping the gums clean and free of disease.

What to Expect?

Your dentist will first make an overall assessment of your mouth. If any teeth are rotten, they will first be extracted. The gum line will be checked to determine if any work must be performed before fitting you for dentures. Things such as boney protuberances will cause pain and must be removed. Once it is determined your mouth is healthy and ready to accept dentures, your dentist will consult with you on what type of Dream Dental cosmetic dentures Nashville you need and what style of dentures you want. A mold will be made of your jaw and gums and your dentures will be fashioned from this.

It is normal for denture wearers to experience some discomfort at first. This should go away within a week or so. If you continue to feel pain, consult with your dentist as you may need some adjustments before attaining the perfect fit. It is not uncommon for denture wearers to have 2-3 adjustments before a perfect fit is established. With proper care you can expect your Dream Dental Nashville cosmetic dentures to last 8-10 years.

Loose Dentures

Loose dentures are a common problem. It is not uncommon that first time denture wearers will find their dentures Nashville are not an exact fit. If this is the case, it may take 2-3 visits to your dentist in order for them to make the slight adjustments needed.

Over time, even perfect fitting dentures will become loose. Your jaw and gums were not designed to have artificial teeth fitted over them. As you bite, you slowly loose bone and tissue which, over time, alters the shape of your gum line to the point where a new mold of your mouth is required. Bone loss increases with age. If you are elderly, you may find the rate of bone loss increasing over time. Depending on the severity of this, you may need to have your dentures Nashville refitted or new dentures made.

When to Consider Replacing Dentures

Before consulting your Dream Dental Nashville dentist, there a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can you still chew food properly? If you are finding you’re having increasing difficulty chewing your food, this may be a sign your dentures need to be replaced.
  • Does your bite still feel normal? Teeth are designed to mesh with one another. If your dentures no longer fit properly, you will feel this as you bite.
  • How worn are your dentures? Dentures wear over time. Do your dentures feel flat and no longer have the ridges and crevasses they once did? You may not have noticed your ability to properly chew food has diminished. If your Dream Dental dentures Goodlettsville are worn and you replace them, you will notice a dramatic improvement.
  • How satisfied are you with your appearance? Do your teeth still look bright when you smile? Dentures require cleaning on a daily basis. Failure to properly maintain dentures will cause them to discolor. Dentures are prone to the same discoloring teeth are. If you wake up to a morning cup of coffee and eat dinner with a glass or two of red wine, your dentures will discolor just as teeth will. Cleaning dentures, like brushing teeth, will help prevent this. If you no longer are satisfied with your smile it may be time to consider replacing your Dream Dental dentures Hendersonville.

Dental Implants

The only sure way to insure your dentures stay in place is by dental implants. These are titanium plants that will be put into the root and eventually fuse with the bone. While implants can be put in place at any time, it is recommended this procedure be performed later in life. If you are experiencing severe bone and tissue loss, a realigning of dentures will be a temporary fix at best. Dental implants are the only way to insure dentures fit properly and securely. It is not necessary that every missing tooth have a corresponding implant. Two are often all that are needed to provide the stability for your dentures to remain fit and snug against your gums and jaw. Dental implants are more expensive than regular dentures. Check with your dentist about the health of your mouth and map out a long-term strategy. If you require several refitting of dentures over the course of your life, you will find dental implants to be your cheapest option in the long run.

Implant-Retained Denture

When we think of dentures Nashville we normally think of removable dentures. These are either complete dentures which are fitted onto a plate that perfectly fits the contours of your mouth and jaw replacing complete dental loss, or partial dentures Nashville, which fit over your teeth and replace partial dental loss. Complete dentures are held in place by suction and, sometimes, an adhesive cream.

Partial dentures Nashville are attached to a metal bar that snaps on and around surrounding teeth anchoring them firmly in place. Removable dentures have drawbacks. At best, they only provide 15% of the chewing capacity of your natural teeth. Complete dentures, in particular, are prone to moving while chewing. Complete dentures will occasionally fail you, sometimes during awkward and embarrassing occasions. A solution to these problems can be found in Dream Dental Nashville implant-retained dentures.

Unlike regular dentures which are held in place by suction or friction, Dream dental implant-retained dentures are held firmly in place by posts which have been implanted in the jaw. These posts are implanted in the jaw and eventually fuse with the bone. Dream Dental implant-retained dentures need as few as two posts. They are designed to allow a complete denture to snap into place. The stability of implant-retained dentures is far superior to a traditional complete denture. Implant-retained dentures are usually used on the lower jaw as this is the one that tends to have the most problems with shifting and movement. They can be removed either by you or your dentist.

Types of implant-retained Dentures

There are two main types of implant-retained dentures:

  • Ball-retained dentures or stud-attachment dentures are metal studs. The male stud is place in the jaw where it will eventually fuse with the bone, while the female stud is placed on the denture. While this is usually the case, the placement of the studs and sockets can be reversed.
  • A Bar-retained denture is a thin metal bar which wraps along your jaw and fit onto the attachments or studs. Clips or attachments are fitted on the bar and/or denture. The denture is then placed over the bar and snapped into place.

The Implant Process

How long it takes for the process of installing Dream Dental implant-retained dentures Goodlettsville depends on a number of factors. When you lose teeth you lose bone as well. Tooth and bone loss are more pronounced in the front of the mouth. This is where most implants are placed. In addition, the front of the jaw does not have the nerves found in the back. Implant-retained dentures Nashville placed in the front do not have the problems found with implants placed in the back.

Two surgeries are usually required. The time frame between surgeries is five months for the lower jaw and seven months for the upper. There are cases which require preliminary procedures such as bone grafting. In this case the implant process can take a year or more. The first surgery places the implants in your jaw and beneath the jaw bone. The second exposes the tops of the implants.

A one-step procedure is sometimes an option. Here the dentist places the implants and supporting bar in a single step. The success rate for this procedure is quite high.

Possible Complications

A bar-retained denture needs space for the attachments to be fitted. This crowds the teeth slightly. In rare cases this crowding can cause teeth to become loose from the frame. This problem easily fixed. Another problem has to do with the fit of the denture. Like all dentures Nashville, implant-retained dentures must be a mirror fit of your mouth and gums. Even the slightest deviation may cause the screws to become loose. Excessive or hard biting can loosen dentures Nashville causing them to break. If you notice a loosening of your dentures, call your Dream Dental dentist immediately.

Care of Your Dentures

Your dentist will instruct you how to properly care for your dentures. Usually this means cleaning them once a day. It’s important that you clean your Dream Dental dentures Hendersonville thoroughly, making sure to clean in and around the attachments.